Welcome to Microscope Wizards Microscope servicing & repairs, refurbishment of vintage microscopes and bespoke training packages.
Welcome to Microscope WizardsMicroscope servicing & repairs, refurbishment of vintage microscopes and bespoke training packages.

Microscope Servicing & Repairs

Microscope Wizards have been made official Authorised Service Agents for Nikon 


Microscope Wizards have been certified by Nikon to provide servicing all Nikon manual microscopes, using genuine Nikon spares.


Contact can be made either direct or via the Nikon website.

Microscope Wizards are highly experienced in all aspects of optical microscopy and operate across the whole of the UK and ROI.  With a wealth of experience in the supply, maintenance and use of optical microscopes, including high-end research imaging applications and advanced microscopy techniques, Microscope Wizards offer a high-class service at competitive prices.  Whether you require basic servicing of simple teaching microscopes, microscopes within health care or veterinary laboratories, metallurgical microscopes or more complex servicing of biological research instruments, Microscope Wizards can help.

Microscope Wizards can satisfy all your optical microscopy needs.  They can provide on-site servicing, cleaning and maintenance for all makes and models of optical microscope:

  • Teaching
  • Stereo (dissecting)
  • Upright
  • Inverted
  • Tissue culture

Whatever microscopy technique your lab uses, Microscope Wizards can get the best from your instrument(s):


  • Brightfield
  • Phase contrast
  • Fluorescence
  • DIC
  • Polarising

A Service by Microscope Wizards includes:

  • A full clean of all optical components of the microscope (eye pieces, objectives and condenser) which will involve components being carefully removed, inspected, cleaned and reassembled.
  • A through clean of the microscope body and inspection of mechanical parts, including lubrication and adjustment where necessary.
  • The microscope stage will be cleaned, inspected and lubricated and adjusted where necessary.
  • A full inspection of the re-assembled microscope with adjustments and re-alignments made where necessary.
  • Finally the unit is tested for image quality using a suitable slide, then identified by sticker that the unit has been serviced and when the next service is due.
  • The engineer will provide a full report on the overall condition of the microscope and detail the work that has been carried out, including recommendations to better maintain your instrument between service visits.  The report will also detail if any parts are found to be defective and require replacement.
  • Any minor repairs which can be carried during the standard service visit will be made without additional charge.
  • Any significant cleaning or repairs/readjustments (e.g. full stage dismantling and rebuild) will incur an additional charge due to the time involved but this will be by mutual agreement before the work is commenced.
  • PAT testing if required.   

Microscopes that have been out-of-service or neglected for some time may require more significant work (major cleans, re-greasing or other significant works) to bring them up to a reasonable state of repair.  If this is found to be the case, then the cost of this work will be estimated and the price of parts quoted.  The engineer will also advise if spare parts are unavailable and if, in his opinion, it would be a cost-effective and worthwhile investment.

Microscope Wizards pride themselves on open and honest pricing - with no hidden charges


If you don't know what type of microscope you have, please don't be afraid to get in touch, tell the Microscope Wizards as much (or as little) as you know, draw us a picture, take a photo....  

Microscope Wizards can help (and they won't tell anyone!) 

Microscope Wizards are available to take your telephone calls and e-mails for service request and training needs, wherever you are based across the UK and ROI  


Telephone support is available weekdays from 8am-6pm 


07854 977 839


If you would prefer to make contact via email then you can expect a response to your request within 1 working day


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