Welcome to Microscope Wizards for microscope servicing, microscope repairs and microscopy training
Welcome to Microscope Wizardsfor microscope servicing, microscope repairs and microscopy training

Getting Started with a Microscope

Microscope Wizards are always available to help you get started with your microscope.  We are often asked where to purchase consumables such as prepared slides and eyepiece cameras so have put together this easy shopping guide for new starters.

Recommended Microscopy Textbooks

When first starting out with your microscope it's a good idea to purchase a couple of books to give you ideas for quick experiements and hints and tips to get the best out of your microscope. Here are a selection of our favourites, which include child-friendly guides and texts for the novice adult microscopist.  Please click on any picture below to be taken directly to the product on amazon.co.uk.

Eyepiece Camera

Microscope Wizards are regularly asked to advise on a good digital camera that can be attached to a microscope and this is the best that we have found so far.  It has a simple USB connection to a laptop or PC and is very easy to get started with. It captures 5.0M (2592x1944) pixel, high quality still images and streams real-time live videos.  It is Windows XP/Vista/7/8 compatible and has four mounting sizes: 23mm, 30mm, 30.5mm, and C-mount.  Click here to view the product on amazon.co.uk.

Prepared Microscope Slides

This is a good starter set of 25 pre-made slides, with various plant, animal and insect specimens.  Contained within a wooden storage box, this is a must for a beginner who wants to quickly get started looking at something with their microscope.  Click here to view product on amazon.co.uk. 

Microscope Slide Preparation Kit

This is a good basic slide preparation starter kit with common laboratory instruments required to get started with slide-making, including a handful of glass slides and coverslips, some prepared slides, plastic forceps (tweezers) and Eosin Red & Methylene Blue Stain Powders, which can be used to stain different cellular structures to visualise down the microscope.  This is a helpful starting point for a beginner who wants to have a go at preparing their own slides with plant or inspect specimens.  Click here to view product on amazon.co.uk. 

Microscope Slides & Coverslips

Once you get more familiar with techniques of slide making and microscopy, you may wish to move on from kits and purchase individual items separately.  This is a good set comprising 50 26mm x 76mm clear glass microscope slides plus 100 22x22mm square glass coverslips.  Perfect for routine home or laboratory microscopy.  Click here to view product on amazon.co.uk.

Alternatively there is a larger pack size comprising of 72 slides and 100 coverslips.  Click here to view.

If you want to study pond sample water samples or dissected tissue specimens in suspension, you may prefer some depression slides which have a round, shallow depression in the centre of the glass slide which makes it easy to view specimens in liquid e.g. aquatic microorganisms.  Click here to view.  

Oil Immersion

For higher magnification, if your microscope has an oil immersion objective (usually 100x magnification) then you will require some immersion oil.  We have selected here a basic all purpose Type A oil which is suitable for all microscope lenses and will work very well for most routine microscopy purposes.  Click here to view the product on amazon.co.uk.

Slide Storage Boxes

Once you have started to get to grips with your microscope you will quickly start to collect slide preparations that you want to keep for future enjoment.  This is a standard laboratory grade microscope storage box with numbered inserts to allow you to catalogue your growing slide collection.  Click here to view the product on amazon.co.uk.

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