Welcome to Microscope Wizards Microscope servicing & repairs, refurbishment of vintage microscopes and bespoke training packages.
Welcome to Microscope WizardsMicroscope servicing & repairs, refurbishment of vintage microscopes and bespoke training packages.

Price List

See Range of Services for full details of what Microcope Wizards can provide.

Microscope Servicing

Description Per Instrument
University teaching standard microscope (e.g. Brightfield, phase contrast, inverted and dissecting) from £25
Simple research microscope (e.g. Brightfield, phase contrast, tissue culture and dissecting) from £40

Advanced research grade microscope - without fluorescence

from £70
Advanced research grade microscope - with fluorescence from £100


Please note these are approximate prices only.  Prices will vary according to age, condition and complexity of microscope.  

Please contact Microscope Wizards with full details of your instruments for a no obligation quotation.

Microscope Repairs

Description Per Instrument
Simple microscope diagnosis and repair* £150
Advanced microscope diagnosis and repair* £300
Simple imaging system diagnosis and repair* £200
Advanced imaging system diagnosis and repair* £450


*Repairs - does not include parts - parts quoted separately.  


Vintage Microscope Refurbishment

Price available on application.


Training Packages & Consultancy

Description Half Day Full Day
Foundations of basic optical microscopy £450 £795
Contrast techniques for optical microscopy £450 £795
Introduction to fluorescence microscopy £450 £795
Introduction to cameras and digital imaging £450 £795
Advanced optical microscopy techniques £450 £795
Advanced Imaging Techniques £450 £795
Foundations of Confocal Microscopy £450 £795
Consultancy rates £500 £800


Please note prices are for a single group of up to 4 persons.
  Prices for larger groups would be offered after consultation.  
Half day is for 4 hours on site.
  Full day is for 7 hours on site.
    Bespoke training packages are available upon request.  Contact Microscope Wizards with details of your training needs for a no obligation quotation.


Microscope Wizards are available to take your telephone calls and e-mails for service request and training needs, wherever you are based across the UK and ROI  


Telephone support is available weekdays from 8am-6pm 


07854 977 839


If you would prefer to make contact via email then you can expect a response to your request within 1 working day


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