Welcome to Microscope Wizards for microscope servicing, microscope repairs and microscopy training
Welcome to Microscope Wizardsfor microscope servicing, microscope repairs and microscopy training

Meet the Senior Microscopist and Engineer for Microscope Wizards

Alan Monk

Microscopy Specialist and Engineer

Alan is a natural problem solver with over 30 years' experience in all aspects of optical microscopy.  He has a knowledge and passion for microscopy that is truly second to none.


With the rare skill in being able to make a complex subject come to life, Alan's bespoke training presentations are designed to appeal to all learning styles.


With a BSc in Genetics & Cell Biology from the University of Manchester, Alan spent the first 16 years of his career working for the NHS as a Senior Clinical Cytogeneticist.  After gaining a reputation for his expertise in microscopy, Alan was approached to move into a product specialist role within a small independent microscope and imaging company, swiftly moving on to spending the next 14 years of his career with Nikon Instruments UK as an Advanced Imaging Specialist; providing support to researchers with their advanced imaging applications and experimental design.  


Alan is well known across the UK and ROI in many universities, NHS and commercial laboratories for both his microscopy and research applications expertise and outstanding customer support.  Visit the Testimonials and Comments pages to see what his customers think.


Alan is also a fully trained Microscope Engineer and is passionate about helping users get the best out of their microscopes with the motto:


"Microscopes do not die of old age, they die of neglect."


Invite Alan to improve your knowledge of microscopy and learn how to care for and get the best from your microscopes with a bespoke training package from Microscope Wizards.


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